Cleanliness Guaranteed

Before the COVID-19 crisis, cleanliness was at the forefront of our everyday protocol. We now have new protocols with CDC guidelines to follow and have taken cleanliness to a whole new stratosphere. Our goal is “as complete sterile working environments as possible.” Your safety and security are our number one priority. Upon arrival our service technician will sanitize their hands and place paper booties on their shoes. They will also be wearing a mask prior to entering of your home. In most cases, they already know what the service call is about so minimal talking should be standard. Your technician will have sanitized wipes on them to wipe and sanitize any surface they come in contact with during our visit. Upon completion of our service call, your technician will offer you contactless payment options keeping our visit as sterile as possible. When we exit your home, we will again sanitize the doorknob as we leave your home or business. Ask your Oklahoma LED representative about any other disinfecting needs you may have.

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Cleanliness Guaranteed

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