10 Reasons To Love Our System

Oklahoma LED’s Energy Intelligence Suite – 10 Reasons To Love Our System

Our utility management software solution forges invoice and data reception, auditing, AP exporting, and aggregated energy usage analysis. The cloud-based system, utilizes a facility tree can provide a hierarchy of data from the meter to any organization-wide level for reporting.

Oklahoma LED’s Energy Intelligence Suite (EIS) serves hundreds of clients across industries such as: banking/finance, higher education, health care, oil and gas production, food manufacturing, houses of worship, G-stores & C-stores, and municipalities. Our EIS has helped clients realize $4 Million in savings from tariff analysis, bill auditing, penalties avoidance, and tax advisory services.

Here are a few questions you might ask to determine if an EIS solution is right for your organization:

1. Does Accounting seem unorganized and/or do Facilities complain about not being able to find an invoice?
The EIS is a great organizational tool. Customer utility bills and consumption data is in one place –at the enterprise level – and immediately available, including as much historical information as the client desires.

2. Interested in comparing energy usage between several different facilities?
This option becomes immediately available through our benchmarking tool. Compare weather-normalized energy usage per square foot and rank facilities by their energy used. Make a year over year comparisons.

3. Want to see how energy efficient improvements are effecting their energy consumption?
Our Annual Energy Summary would be helpful to this client. This report allows your client to see their energy usage and compare year over year, while isolating the weather variable.

4. Want to track their utilities but don’t have time to check all of the different utility portals?
We track everything – regulated, deregulated, and most commodity types. The system can track costs, usage and demand for the utility types such as electricity and natural gas, as well as water, waste, etc. Essentially, anything with an invoice can be tracked in the system. The solution is capable of tracking limitless facilities and accounts.

5. Are you concerned about being invoiced incorrectly by the utility?
It’s a legitimate concern. Utilities aren’t perfect. Our system supports two independent methodologies for detecting utility billing errors: tariff-based verification and metric-based validation.

6. Are your facilities spread across a city, state or region?
EIS is a great tool for this customer. The portal allows the client to track all of their facilities in one place. They have the capabilities to group their facilities by regions, state, utility provider, or by operational variance – allowing you to group those facilities that act similar to one another. Your client determines the grouping to best serve their needs.

7. Want to report on greenhouse gas emissions for sustainability planning?
We established our GHG reporting methodology around EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, which was designed to be consistent with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol developed by the World Resources Institute and World Business Council for Sustainable Development. We also work with The Climate Registry.

8. Interested in the amount of energy used in relation to some type of business metric?
We can help them through our Business Metrics Report. This allows your client to determine the amount of energy being used per business metric, like amount of energy used per dollar of sales revenue.

9. Have facilities located in areas that have or will soon have mandatory energy usage disclosure ordinances?
Our EIS system provides a continuous energy accounting across your entire building portfolio, easing the burden normally associated with disclosure or other recurring auditing requirements. Rating and disclosure refers to the practice of evaluating the relative energy efficiency of building and making this information known to consumers.

10. ENERGY STAR certification or want to benchmark his facility(s) through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager?
ENERGY STAR is an annual certification, requiring access to actual metered data. The data acquisition process can be quite cumbersome, especially with multi-facility portfolios.