Generac Generator Service Plans

Generators require routine maintenance, similar to an oil change on your car. Our scheduled maintenance plan will help keep your generator in peak condition for a longer service life, while providing you the peace of mind that when the power goes out your backup power generator will be ready. Service by a certified Generac technician is also required to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty.

Premium Annual Service Plan

  • No hassle service scheduling with a call from us a week in advance of your due date
  • 10% discount on parts and labor in the event repairs are required beyond warranty
  • 24/7 monitoring by our technicians with Fleet Mobile Monitoring**
  • Transferrable to new property owners (Customer must notify in writing)
  • Priority scheduling in case of emergency
  • All items and services listed below

Maintenance Procedure Checklist

Visual Inspection
  • Inspect for visual damage and/or unusual wear and tear
  • Inspect all visible fuel and electrical connections
  • Clean debris from generator and wipe down enclosure
  • Ensure all switches/breakers in normal operating position
General Operation
  • Inspect and test battery and charging system
  • Check cold weather kit for proper operation (if applicable)
  • Test proper startup and transfer operator function
  • Check for any improper noises or vibrations
Generac Generator

Generator Maintenance Plan Agreement

  • Inspect and test all fuel connections
  • Check that fuel pressure is accurate
  • Check grid voltage and generator voltage output
  • Check grid frequency and generator output frequency
  • Ensure there are no corroded or loose connections
  • Simulate a power outage
  • Change engine oil with synthetic oil per specifications
  • Change engine oil filter
  • Change spark plugs (with proper gap)
  • Change air filter
  • Confirm proper valve clearance. Adjust as necessary
Customer Education
  • Answer any questions about operation, maintenance, or upgrades
  • Advise the customer on any foreseeable future preventative maintenance items, upgrades, or repairs

1 Year Maintenance Plan

1 Year Maintenance Agreement WITHOUT Remote Monitoring

1 Year Maintenance Agreement WITH remote monitoring

2 Year Maintenance Plan

2 Year Maintenance Agreement WITH remote Monitoring

Device Lease

Non Wi-Fi equipped remote monitoring LTE device lease**

*If Wi-Fi is included with the Generator, you will have the ability to view the current status (e.g. ready to run, running due to power outage, running an exercise) of the generator. As part of our Fleet, we will have the additional ability to remotely manage your generator. This includes the ability to edit the generator settings, receive notifications and view your maintenance schedule, event history, etc. The customer is responsible for the Wi-Fi connection in their home.

**Older Generac models without built in Wi-Fi capabilities or those not having a strong enough Wi-Fi signal to reach their unit, can still purchase a plan with remote monitoring by leasing the $20 LTE device. The $20 is due annually at the time of service contract purchase or renewal.