School Safe Shelters

Bulletproof Classroom Storm Shelters


Seconds to safety – not minutes

Intruder/Active Shooter Situation

Seconds to safety – not minutes

Peace of Mind


  • EF5 Tornado Tested (FEMA Compliant)
  • Bullet Proof
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Customizable to any classroom or storage closet
  • Fits entire class of students and teacher
  • Modular design – any size, any shape for any space
  • Equipped with outlets and LED lighting
  • Financing available

Full Suite of K12 & Educational Institution Services

  • LED Lighting Conversions
  • Emergency & Security Lighting
  • Outdoor Sports Stadium Lighting
  • Bulletproof School Safe Rooms
  • Electrical Panel upgrades & Backup Power

“We purchased our SchoolSafe bullet-proof shelters for our Special Education Students who find it challenging to go to our basement in any kind of an emergency”

– Julie Moore, Cashion Elementary Principal

“I have removed a large burden and have tremendous peace of mind that our kids, teachers, and staff are safe with shelters in our classrooms, protecting from tornadoes or an intruder”

– Jeannie O’Daniel, Superintendent Osage Hills Public Schools