Sports Lighting

GameChanger Q-LED The Most Revolutionary, AWARD WINNING, LED Stadium Lighting Technology On The Market Today!

Oklahoma LED is now offering Stadium Lighting!

Oklahoma LED is proud to partner with Qualite to offer LED Stadium Lighting! Qualite’s GAMECHANGER Q-LED lights are designed for HDTV Broadcasting, Digital Photography and Slow-Motion Recording of fast paced sports lighting venues from professional to recreational levels. With Enhanced Glare Mitigation and Specialized Beam Shapes we are able to paint the playing surface with Smooth Light and keep your neighbors dark and happy. The proprietary optics produce the ideal distribution and beam angles for LED stadium lighting, while saving you up to 70% or more in energy use when compared to traditional stadium lighting. The durable housing, protective lens, and remote driver technology is engineered for stadium lighting applications with the ability to withstand extreme outdoor conditions.

See Manufacturer’s Website for details, or give us a call at: (918) 960-0388.